Since I can remember I have gone to creative expression as an outlet for passion or emotion in my life.  My greatest passion is to serve Jesus Christ. The world is a place of color and shape that glorifies God and what I am compelled to create should reflect that. Every piece and project that is posted here was created with Jesus Christ in mind and made to worship him. My greatest desire is tBrush Stokes Small (2)o lead a life and create art in such a way that God receives all of the glory and honor for what I do. I have not included much more of a biography because of this. I pray that the art I create brings others closer to Jesus and that he is worshiped by others through it. In high school I was allowed the privilege of studying under some wonderful artists as teachers, while attending the Greenville Fine Arts Center. One of the most influential teachers was Mr. Campbell whom I greatly thank for teaching me how to look at things with an eye for creativity. During my year at Anderson College Mr. Kanaris helped me understand the skill of drawing more in depth. Even though I did not complete the formal education for a degree in Graphic Design I have continued to study form and design on my own. Most of my pieces are either drawings or mixed media. For drawings, I prefer to use charcoal or pencil, however sometimes I might also use Conte` Crayon or chalk. In mixed media pieces I am never sure how to classify them. I use wood, Sculpy, clay, pencil, pen, paint, chalk etc. Some of the mixed media are two dimensional and some are three. I have used photography as a medium; however I rarely present anything that I photograph.  Texture and form are what I think of most when working in any media. I will pursue texture over realism and often sacrifice detail for texture.
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