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April 7, 2011

Please join me in supporting the PSSWF !! : )

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As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to participate on April 30, 2011, in the “4,000 Step” walk-a-thon to support the Pregnancy Support Service of Wake Forest (PSSWF). Let me share a little more about this wonderful agency.

The PSSWF provides pregnant women with resources and education, especially those facing unplanned pregnancies. Women can obtain information regarding alternatives to abortion and receive necessary items such as new cribs, diapers, car seats, clothing and other necessities. All services up to one year after the baby is born are free for the mothers and their families and are always 100% confidential. Please visit their website at for more information.

What inspired me to volunteer for the PSS is their Mission to serve and empower these amazing, courageous and inspiring women.

I would like to ask you to sponsor me for the “4,000 Step” Walk-a-thon. Any amount you can spare is a huge help !! I would like to challenge 10 people to give $100, and 100 people to give $10. For donations please go to the following link and look me up under “Joseph Bradley” or Team “Crayola”:

Thanks for all your help and please feel free to share this with your friends.


April 11, 2010

New Art on FAA

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So recently I was employed, but not anymore and that gives me a lot of time to get back to the things that I love doing which is creating stuff. I just posted quite a few things on FAA so I hope that they meet the approval of all my fans. :-)

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December 2, 2009

December underground

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I’m sitting in a car waiting to pick up a person from a morgue watching the weather pour cool clean drops
of water over the Raliegh landscape. it’s a beautiful day. Even without the sun shinning bright. I’m reminded of the project I am working on currently it’s inspired by rain and the drops of the water on a pond or puddle. The rainstorms and grey skies are so cool and full of shape. It’s a beautiful reminder of God and his ability to
make even cold and wet inspiringly beautiful.

October 15, 2009

My beautiful new table

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For all those out there who follow this

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Yesterday was a wonderful day. My studio acquired a new piece of equipment. Basically, I was given a table that is perfect for me to work from. A nice person in my apartment complex gave it to me. Very kind of them.

On a different note I am working on three things currently. It always seems I do things in threes. I type with a smile on my face, because like John Frame, I find myself making three points or working on three things at once, etc. Anyway, have three projects out there.

Firstly (made up word courtesy of you know who you are), an ambitious project on sin. It is, as always, something that I am not sure I have the ability to actually do. So I’m going to do it. The particulars are top secret, but Veronica Holmes of Vp Holmes Art and Design is advising me and helping me with the particulars. Also, I may be enlisting the assistance of a kind friend or two such as the Dullins or Mrs.. J Kapica of Joanna’s Photography. We shall see.

The second is still ambitious, but not nearly as ambitious as the first. It also isn’t top secret. It is my second Grattography series. This time its on paper (typed in the action adventure announcers voice).  Circles, and colors oh my.

Lastly (completely made up word also), I am working on a less ambitious project. I think it would be cool to make bookmarks and postcards that are hand made and unique. It’s not a new idea, but my techniques are not really conventional so instead of doing little post card sized paintings I am going to scale down some of the mixed media and artistic ideas and techniques I have had. The plan is to sell each for under $5. However, that is a tentative price. I would like to sell them for less and may have to charge a little more just to meet production costs. Like I said will will see.

Well I can’t tell if it’s the music, coffee or exercise that has me all worked up today, but I am ready to work some more in the studio. New work coming soon to FAA, Red Bubble, and my Website.

September 29, 2009

My thoughts blog

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I primarily want this blog to promote the artwork that I am doing and provide a way for those who are only interested in that to interact with each other. I have another blog that I am placing the thoughts and ideas I have about religion, philosophy, and certain other things on it’s Jo’s Live Journal.  I will still send a few updates on the art projects I am doing here so if you want to follow my thoughts and my art Live Journal is probably the best place to do it. If you are only interested in what I am doing artistically then this blog is the best place for that.

September 28, 2009

New Works Posted on Fine Art America and RedBubble

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As you can see from the above pieces I have posted some new work. I have it on both of the sites that I offer art from. These represent most of the work that I have been doing for the last two months. I hope that you enjoy them.

September 18, 2009

New art work

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I am in the process of posting the new work that I have been doing on my FAA and Redbubble Pages. I will also be updating the Page I have on Carbonmade to reflect some of the work that I have done in my still life series and project. Also I am part of the artistic expressions II book project and am creating a new piece for this series. Pictures to follow this weekend and next week for all but the Artistic Expressions II book. For more information on that please follow this link 1st Angel. I am also part of the Art Around the world project at the same website. Occasionally, I write an article or two for them.

August 13, 2009

Working in the Sunset

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It’s not really a clever title I suppose, but I like it. The didactic discord of dissonance that it creates is devilishly delightful. Ok I am no great poet. I have been working on a new series of still life works. It is actually a series within a series. I am trying to see how many still life works I can create within a month. At the end of the month I am going to attempt to sell half of them on ebay and half of Craig’s List. I want to see which group of persons if either are more likely to purchase art of that sort.

I am almost finished with the third Grattography in the first series that I have started. This one is called Sunset, hence the title. It is almost a meeting of the other two designs. Almost as the sky, sun, and earth all seem to meet at sunset. The title came from a friend who suggested that the original sketch looks much like a sunset.

Finally I have decided to turn this Blog strictly into one on Art, but for those who want to keep track of the thoughts I have on religion I have another blog that I have started. I will post the name of the blog and it’s url on here in the next few days. Essentially, I don’t want to separate my art from my faith, but I want to separate the writing from the pictures. It’s a little easier and more organized for me that way.

July 31, 2009


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The second piece in my first Abstract Grattography series is done. I just finished it today, about 10 minutes ago. :) I am excited also because I visited quite a few galleries today and received some positive feedback from one of the galleries managers. This is a short post because I am tired from doing so much today. It may be bedtime very soon.

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